Fear of Driving

Fear of Driving

It is essential to be mobile. A fear of driving is therefore extremely debilitating. In the beginning, sufferers who lack confidence, stick to roads they are familiar with and make a point of avoiding certain roads, such as motorways; at an extreme level sufferers develop an intense anxiety about driving in any situation from a potential fear of hurting themselves or others.

Extreme sufferers become forced to rely upon others for lifts or use public transport instead; consequently, it affects their choice of employment, recreation and more often than not, impacts family life. It stands in the way of people wanting to drive, from driving and the safest of drivers deriving any enjoying from driving at all.

In essence, it prevents sufferers from leading a fuller life.

How can hypnosis help?

Hypnosis helps by changing the link between the fear a situation triggers, with thoughts and feelings of comfort and security, thus modifying previous responses to bring about the desired effect.