InMindz Food-Sense Programme

The InMindz Food-Sense System is entirely flexible, simple and designed to meet your needs. You decide what your objectives are from the outset and the route you want to take to better health and InMindz will help you stay motivated, on track to regain your inbuilt food-sense.

InMindz Food-Sense Programme

Why does the InMindz Food-Sense System work? The System engages your subconscious mind, which means you can forget deciphering food labels, maintaining calorie counters and definitely stop reading diet books.

As favourite clothes fit once more you, feel begin to feel much better, you notice others noticing you have more confidence and vitality. You notice start thinking more positively than you have before.

1. Weight Loss Express - ideal when you need to quickly lose weight - fast

Perhaps you have an event looming or whatever reason you just need to need to quickly shed weight. For others, it’s a health alert which demands weight is lost in a very short time. InMindz scope out your objectives and get straight into strategies that engage your subconscious behaviour to lose weight. This is normally achieved within three intensive sessions. Once you have achieved your target weight, InMindz Keep the Weight off sessions help maintain what you have achieved.

2. Weight Loss Progressive - ideal when you have more time lose weight

For some there is no time pressure, a steadier, more progressive approach is comfortable and is where you prefer to lose weight over a longer period of time, say over a six month period in time to look great for a summer holiday. Here it is more about adopting a different mind-set toward food liberating you from old habits. After just three sessions not only is the weight effortlessly falling away but interestingly many notice increased confidence and feeling of being more attractive.

3. InMindz – Weight Management - Keeping the Weight Off

Once you have achieved your desired weight through either our Express or Progressive systems, the thought of being resigned to eggplant salads and ‘nut-bakes’ to keep the weight off for most people is quite depressing.

The good news is enjoying a balanced diet is varied, interesting, tasty, and healthy - and simplicity itself. Hypnosis engages your subconscious so you automatically, naturally and effortlessly reach for healthy food choices, in the correct portion size. You may not know why but you simply ‘do’ and feel great.

It often comes as a surprise that ‘unhealthy’ options such as alcohol, snacks and fatty foods need not be completely avoided because InMindz helps you accommodate them within the context of a balanced diet and not feel bad. >> Healthy Eating

4. InMindz – Stick to a Special diet

Sensitivity to allergens is becoming increasingly common. This means more and more people are having to adopt a special diet. Sticking to it can be hard and depressing if you concentrate on what you have lost, so why not think about what you are gaining?

Gluten Free – giving up on foods you once enjoyed is tough but did you know a gluten free diet is actually a healthy diet? 3% of the population have an allergy to wheat, barley, rye and oats so if you have been diagnosed with coeliac disease you are in special company. InMindz help you get into a gluten free diet and get the best out of your life. >> Stay Gluten Free

5. Healthy Eating

Chefs know what makes food taste good. Watch any celebrity chef and they indiscriminately use hard animal fats, high calorie ingredients and salt yet the government’s consistent message is to cut down on these ingredients. Appealing food adverts have one purpose - sell more food. Never before in the history of mankind have supermarkets offered so much choice from around the world all year round and food labels contain so much information it’s difficult to make sense of them. Add all this together it’s no wonder we are confused. >> Healthy Eating

6. Cut out Junk Food

Today, cheap, high calorie food is available everywhere. A visit to the shops routinely includes a visit to a fast food restaurant, for many they go together. The going shopping/fast food association especially with children has been made, reinforced with toys. It’s a habit. Hypnosis can help decouple that association.

7. Stop Binge Eating

Everyone overeats from time to time and that’s fine, but binge eating is different. The person feels compelled to quickly consume large quantities of food sometimes to the point of feeling or actually being sick.

Ask a binge eater why and often the response is because they feel depressed or bored and want to feel better but after the bingeing episode it is common to feel more depressed and guilty. Binge eaters feel out of control and unable to stop. >> Stop Binge Eating