Grief and Loss

Grief and Loss

As we try and come to terms with loss, the feelings can be overwhelming and particularly painful when we lose someone close to us or someone we care about. Grieving is the natural response to loss. It is not only the loss of a loved one or pet that causes grief, it could be the loss of some ‘thing’ important to us.

Everyone grieves differently yet coping with these feelings of grief, but coming to terms with and adjusting to change whilst trying to carry on with your everyday life often creates a huge emotional strain.

Just seeing someone who puts you in mind of the person you lost can instantly makes the sense of loss even more acute.

How can hypnosis help?

Focussing on practical issues help, for a while but it’s when you are alone sad thoughts bubble up by themselves and tears come easily. This is perfectly normal as you come to terms with events and it’s here hypnosis can accelerate emotional healing and help you to come through as a stronger person.