How can we help you today?

How can we help you today?

Hypnosis is the most powerful and efficient way to bring about change.

Why does it work?

From the moment we are born all of our memories, beliefs and values are retained by the subconscious. Our conscious mind makes all the decisions constantly checking with the subconscious to ensure those decisions are consistent and congruent with stored beliefs often imprinted on our minds in the early years of childhood.

The subconscious is actually in control all the time and it’s from here, ideas or ‘notions’ bubble up; when our conscious mind becomes aware of them they become thoughts. The conscious mind makes links and associations with other ideas. Some thoughts stir emotions which become feelings. Thoughts and feelings govern behaviour.

Hypnosis is a means to help the conscious mind settle down to allow the subconscious consider new, more constructive perspectives which later on, help the conscious mind to be open to new ideas, thoughts, feelings and behaviour.