Pressure and stress are features of everyday life. People around you expect you to cope. But stress accumulates; we become more sensitive and criticisms that would ordinarily not bother us, make us go off like a ‘bottle of pop’ and you then feel bad for reacting in that way.

For many, the usual ‘coping’ reaction is to ‘get organised’ and for some, means downloading an app to create a task list. But what often happens many find they are adding more tasks than they knock off with the result that creates more tension.

We can even be physically tired but our minds keep whirring and worrying about what needs to be done, even in the middle of the night and when you do manage to ‘power off’ you start feeling guilty and that creates more stress. How can you cope?

How can hypnosis help?

The curious thing is relaxation is not instinctive, it has to be learned and it’s a life-skill. Let InMindz show you how to relax, centre yourself, learn how to manage the stress and stay balanced. Hypnosis helps you regulate stress and learn coping techniques that will make a big difference handling the pressure and stresses.