Impotence – Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Impotence – Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

ED can affect men at different times of life for many reasons. ED can be linked to blood pressure, , heart disease, alcohol and smoking which should be checked out with your GP first. Because the subconscious controls an erection it means that worry, anxious thoughts, overwork, tiredness, or bereavement overshadowing a new relationship for example can easily affect the ability to achieve a proper erection and achieve intercourse.

Taking Viagra or Cialis for example over a long period to enhance performance, usually has the opposite effect contributing to ED in younger men as well as forming a psychological association between performance and Viagra, thus creating dependency.

How can hypnosis help?

More often than not on the first occasion there was a physical reason for ED which later returns as worry, along the lines of ‘what if it happens again?’ This anxiety interferes with what comes naturally. The body has a natural ability, to respond to sexual signals so worrying about performing, instead of letting nature take its course makes things worse.

The key is to assist your mind to reconnect with and trust your body’s innate abilities to enjoy the moment - free of anxiety.