It’s very rewarding to see people bring about positive changes in their lives. Here are a few testimonials.


‘I feel better for eating regularly and making my portions smaller. I have felt much better for not following a calorie restrictive diet and have switched to green tea... ...my clothes are starting to feel looser and feel so much better for eating little and often and finish when I feel full.’


‘It was a relief to find someone that could help and understand me. I felt great afterwards and my head feels cleansed in a way and since then haven’t found the need to take tablets to control the rising sense of panic and anxiety I used to feel.’


‘I am amazed and very, very happy to report......No fear or phobia of heights...all gone...wow.. No altitude sickness.....all gone....double wow... A feeling of freedom for the first time in probably at least 15 yrs. I actually enjoyed my ski-ing and the fab views. Thank you just doesn't seem enough but needless to say a big     THANK YOU.’