Weight Loss and Weight Management

Weight Loss and Weight Management

In the last 30 years a tremendous knowledge about food has been accumulated simultaneously losing an equal amount of wisdom. We have lost our food sense. Our subconscious mind which looks after all functions we don’t have to think about such as breathing, sleeping, maintaining a heartbeat does a fantastic job and curiously it also knows what food and drink is needed and when, if only we let it.

Being overweight

When clothes become tight you know you are putting on the pounds. There are also changes you can’t see such as your arteries furring up until you are diagnosed with heart disease or a blocked artery causes a heart attack. Other factors such as smoking, too much salt, alcohol and an inactive life style all significantly increase the risk.

Ever wondered why we have so many ‘lite’ food and drinks and yet more and more people are struggle with their weight? Simple. Next time you drink a can of a diet drink on its own containing an intense low calorie sweetener have you noticed the empty feeling in the pit of your stomach and how hungry you become? Taking painkillers to cope with the headaches? Its counter intuitive but diet drinks containing intense low calorie sweeteners won’t help you in fact, the opposite is true.

What’s the problem with dieting?

You have read all the diet books and tried most of them. You know all the nutrition facts and calorific values so why does nothing seem to work? Dieting for most people means restricting food intake. Dieting can also mean embarking on an unbalanced diet until the weight falls off and restricting food intake works - for a while. Most people don’t realise that a ‘high protein’ or ‘high fat’ or high anything where one aspect of nutrition is missing is not only unbalanced but puts a huge metabolic strain on our bodies which we expect to immediately adjust. These diets by their very nature all fail, all the weight plus some goes back on because the body rebounds from what it thinks is starvation mode to store energy as fat.

The good news is you now know all unbalanced, will-power diets and low-calorie foods with intense sweeteners don’t help, you needn’t feel so bad. The question is where do you go from here?

InMindz Food-Sense Programme

Experts at InMindz have spent more than 30 years in food industry and know a thing or two about nutrition, food ingredients, food additives and especially how your food is industrially produced; this valuable inside knowledge and experience combined with hypnotherapy supercharge your motivation and confidence to lose weight and keep it off makes the InMindz Food-Sense System a winning combination.