Acting Performance

Acting Performance

Acting is deeply rewarding and good actors make it look easy. Reality is far from that, few understand how physically and mentally demanding it really is.

The profession is also very unforgiving and highly competitive and success often seem far away; the difference between good acting and great acting requires actors to develop and be able to access a certain ‘sensitivity’ to deliver their best; it is this sensitivity that helps them portray the character of someone else with power and conviction. This requires focus, dedication and perseverance.

Many successful performers use Method Acting or the Stanislavski System to access emotions and memories from their own lives to deliver a convincing performance.

Performers are by nature sensitive people who not only put huge demands and intense pressure upon themselves to ‘give’ more and more yet at the same time tend to be their worst critic, demanding better and better from themselves each time. Even top performers cannot exclude self-doubt from their minds, they just handle it differently. The conscious mind which is often negative, latches onto doubt and magnifies even trivial things, reinforcing that doubt and like negative self-hypnosis, can have a damaging and lasting effect.

So how can hypnosis help?

Hypnosis works on many levels.

  • Confidence building.

  • Handle doubts and setbacks positively.

  • Become more creative without actually trying.

  • Auditions. Let’s be frank, auditions are stressful. Everything turns on the audition and with each approaching day, the stress mounts. Hypnosis will help you get into the right frame of mind, park your nerves to become instantly focussed and confident of giving your best - just when you need to.

  • Most performers find at some point in their careers they plateau, rather like a balloon held back by a glass ceiling. You can see where you want to be, but you just can’t. Success and personal development seem elusive and out of reach, so how to breakthrough?

  • Actors spend much of their time portraying someone else. We all know of actors who, over time have ‘lost’ themselves so it’s therefore just as important preserve and protect the real ‘you’ i.e. stop acting and get out of character!

I’m not as creative as I used to be, can you help?

Many actors notice after their first hypnotic session they seem to be more charismatic, not only on stage but off stage too. Why should this be? Hypnosis helps you to access alternatives, discover new approaches to become more creative, imaginative and inspiring. The curious thing is you just ‘notice’ you are naturally and effortlessly more creative than before.

I need to ‘get into character’ what can you do?

No need to sit in the corner with a towel over your head trying to shut out your surroundings as you try to recreate the character. Proven techniques we will share with you will help you easily ‘snap’ into character when you need to, every time.

Can hypnosis help with nerves?

Nerves are a good thing. Expect them. Nerves help you focus your attention so how do you use them to your advantage? Hypnosis and NLP help you control and direct your nerves to stay in command.

What about stage fright?

Stage fright happens. Big things as they say have small beginnings and stage fright can be caused by an event or even an insignificant comment made by someone you respect in passing long ago for no apparent reason triggers a meltdown later on. On a conscious level you may overcome it but deep down you will wonder what if it happens again? This has an effect upon your performance. Hypnosis helps put stage fright behind you for good and confidently move forward.

I know my work/home balance is out of shape, but I can’t seem to do anything about it?

Modern living means maintaining a healthy work/home balance isn’t easy. Many performers find that one aspect is out of kilter at some point in their careers, but did you know being good at one can help you with the other? That’s where hypnosis helps.