Stay Gluten Free

Stay Gluten Free

Being diagnosed as a coeliac is a life changer.

You know how important it is to stay on a gluten free diet yet it can be very hard to stick to a gluten free diet even though you know you have to.

Reading food labels at home is one thing but eating out usually a nightmare.

Humans have only been eating wheat, a member of the grass family, for 5,000 years, not long in evolutionary terms so it’s not surprising 3% of the population suffer from a reaction to gluten but it’s not known why it often doesn’t surface until mid-life. The body recognises gluten as an infectious protein and your immune system goes into overdrive and your intestines suffer. Chances are the fact you are reading this means you have been diagnosed, if so great! Because many people are misdiagnosed or just continue suffering not knowing why.

Scientists don’t yet know why there is a link to colon cancer. So there are powerful reasons to stay gluten free.

How can hypnosis help?

Hypnosis will change how you feel about being coeliac, enabling you to stay motivated and help you to focus less on your special diet and more on your life and you will notice you become more comfortable about being coeliac especially as your health improves and energy increases.